From 29 juni 2013

"The First farmers"

Exhibition ‘The First farmers’
The first farmer culture came into being on the fertile loess ground of South-Limburg around 5300 BC. From the 29th of June, the Thermenmuseum presents an exhibition of these first farmers of the Netherlands, who are also known as the "farmers of the Linear Pottery culture".

With an extraordinary model, photos and pottery, the visitors will feel as if they went back to the time of the first farmers. 'The first farmers' contains research results into the structure of the settlements and specialist research into pottery (bandkeramiek) and flint. The exhibition was already shown at the RMO in Leiden in 2012. With this exhibition, the treasures of Limburg are back on Limburg soil!

In the autumn of 2013, the Thermenmuseum will organize a number of lectures on this theme. For more information, please visit our      




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