Roman South-Limburg; the whole story

You can visit the new permanent exhibition in Thermenmuseum Heerlen: "Roman South-Limburg; the whole story". The exhibition answers the question of what the coming of the Romans meant for the people of South-Limburg at that time. In order to tell the story well the entire museum hall has been rearranged. Everything except for the original collection is new. You don't want to miss this!

Roman South-Limburg
The new exhibition tells the story about how the life of the people of South-Limburg changed completely because of the coming of the Romans about 2000 years ago. Centuries later many of these changes are still visible in our present environment, economy and traditions. The new exhibition has five themes, each illustrated by archaeological objects, reconstructions and photos. The five themes are: building, living in the countryside, Roman roads, religion and burials, and living in the city.

The people's eating habits and the pottery industry in Coriovallum (the Roman name for Heerlen) are given special attention. A real treasure room in which several unique objects are displayed is present in the exhibition.

Why the rearrangement?
In recent years much research has been done on the coming and influence of the Romans in South-Limburg that has yielded several new insights. These insights were not yet included in the old presentation of the museum hall. A major rearrangement and a new permanent exhibition are the result.





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