The Thermenmuseum

The collection, history of Roman times in the south of Limburg and research

The Roman heritage of Coriovallum is presented and preserved by the museum. The site itself is the predecessor of the current town of Heerlen and presents many items that were found in the direct vicinity.

The heart of the museum is the actual Roman bathhouse of Coriovallum the remains of which were found in 1941. More than 30.000 archaeological findings are stored in the museum depot that were found in the past 100 years in the city and its surroundings. The Thermen museum is in charge of preserving and managing the Roman heritage. In this way the heritage is guaranteed to be kept in excellent condition for the public to enjoy.

Apart from preservation the museum also stimulates and initiates research on the Roman past of Heerlen and the South of Limburg. There are still many questions about the past. The Roman heritage can perhaps provide the answers to these questions. That is the reason why the museum collection should be available for research. The Thermen museum manages the remains of the Roman Bathhouse and a significant amount of archaeological finds.

These objects need to be made available to the public and for scientific research purposes at the same time. This is made possible by structured governance.  



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