A new, hyper-realistic exhibition takes you 2000 years back in time

Step 2000 years back in time and imagine yourself in a Roman bathhouse. See it for yourself in a new, ultra-realistic exhibition “400 years of bathing”. “Star of the Show” is the recently fully restored Roman bathhouse; the oldest building in the Netherlands and according to many, the Night Watch of Dutch archeology.

Experience a journey through time in the bathhouse

You’ll be taken through the various development phases of the bathhouse: from its creation to all the changes over the hundreds of years. Why was it built here? What happened here, how was it used, who came here throughout the ages and why? Why was it rebuilt at some point, and how was it done?

360-degree video footage

You not only look back in time, but also through the eyes of the archaeologist who is looking for the answer to all these questions. You may take that “look” literally. The exhibition uses hyper-realistic techniques: as you stand in a round space, you get the feeling that you’re standing in the bathhouse ‘live’, thanks to 360-degree video images.

On top of the excavations

The bathhouse has recently been completely restored. One of the novelties is a 96-meter-long wooden walkway with glass vistas. You’re standing as close as possible on top of the cold and hot water baths, underfloor heating, swimming pool, massage rooms and shops. In addition, the glass fronts of the museum building have been darkened for maximum effect. And thanks to the colored gravel you can see the location of the colonnade, shops and the doctor’s workplace.



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Watch a timelapse video of the building of this expo below: